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as one of the finest decoration in Bali, we keep doing research and promotion to reach our client and customers below is our promotion

Flower Meaning

Acacia: Friendship
Agapanthus: Secret Love
Alstroemeria: Devotion
Amaryllis: Pride, Timidity, Splendid Beauty
Anemone: Expectations
Aster: Elegance and Love
Azalea: First Love, Temperance
Baby’s Breath: Innocence
Bachelor Button: Hope
Begonia: A fanciful nature
Bells of Ireland: Good Luck
Bouvardia: Enthusiasm
Buttercup: Childishness

Calla Lily: Magnificent Beauty
Camellia-red: Unpretending excellence
Camellia-white: Perfected loveliness
Carnation-red: Alas poor heart
Carnation-pink: I’ll never forget you
Carnation-purple: Capriciousness
Carnation-stripped: Sorry I can’t be with you
Carnation-white: Innocence
Carnation-yellow: Disdain
Chrysanthemum-red: Love
Chrysanthemum-white: Truth
Chrysanthemum-yellow: Slighted love
Crocus:Youthful gladness

Daffodil: Regard, You are the only one
Dahlia: Dignity and Elegance
Daisy: Gentleness, Innocence, Loyalty and Romance
Dandelion: Rustic Oracle
Delphinium: Flights of Fancy, Ardent Attachment

Fern: Fascination
Forget Me Not: Faithful Love, Undying Hope, Memory, Do Not Forget
Freesia: Innocence

Galax: Encouragement
Gardenia: Purity and Sweet Love
Gladiolus: Strength of character

Heather: Admiration and Beauty
Delicate Beauty
Playful Joy

Iris: Faith, Wisdom, Valor and Promise
Wedded Love, Fidelity, Friendship and Affection

Jasmine: Amiability
Affection Returned

Larkspur: An open Heart
Lavender: Loyalty
Lemon Leaves: Everlasting Love
Lilac-purple: First Emotion of Love
Lilac-white: Youthful innocence
Lily-orange: Wealth
Lily-white: Sweetness
Lily-yellow: Gaiety, walking on air
Lily of the Valley: Humility, Sweetness, Return of Happiness
Lotus Flower:Estranged love

Magnolia: Love of Nature
Marigold: Grief
Morning Glory: Affection
Mum: Hope
Myrtle:Home, love

Narcissus: Egotism

Orange Blossom: Innocence, Eternal Love, Marriage and Fruitfulness
Orchid: Love, Beauty and Magnificence
Pansy: Thoughtful Reflection

Peony: Happy Marriage and Prosperity
Primrose: Young Love

Ranunculus: Radiant, Charming
Rose, Pink: Perfect Happiness
Rose, White: Charm and Innocence
Rose, Red: Love and Desire 
Rose-single red: I Love You
Rose-Burgundy: Unconscious love
Rose, white and red: Unity
Rose, Orange: Passion
Rose, Yellow: Joy and Gladness
Rosebud: Beauty and youth
Rosemary: Remembrance

Snapdragon: Presumption
Solidago: Success
Star of Bethlehem: Purity
Statice: Remembrance
Stephanotis: Marital Happiness
Stock: Lasting Beauty
Sunflowers: Pride
Sweet Pea:Blissful Pleasure

Tiger Lily: Prosperity
Tuberose: Dangerous Pleasure
Tulip: Love and Passion
Tulip-red: Declaration of love

Violet: Faithfulness

Wax Flower: Riches
Wisteria: Welcome

Yarrow: Healing

Color Collection for Table, sash and chair cover

As one of the stylist decoration, Dekor Indonesia own several color collection especially for table, sash and chair cover.

Andreanna & Eddie Leung Wedding 17th Sept 2011

Special thanks to Andreanna & Eddie Leung who already trust us to assist your wedding, starting from planning, decoration and arrangement.

It’s not only us, but Jonquilla – Party Decoration from Jakarta also participated on this events, superb’s this is what we can say to them, the design and decoration is totally by them, we just small part hehehe

Andreana & Eddie Leung wedding it self is already done on last June at St.Francisco, US then continue to Bali and made a re commitment again on 17th Sept 2011 at Grand Hyatt Hotel Bali, Mag Events also on FIRE…good and they are very helpful…what we can say..they are perfect wedding planner and event planners…thanks to the boss also

here is some picture from us, please enjoy it…

once again  Congrats to you Andreanna & Eddie..wish you all the best until the death separate you…

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Ian Hogg and Gwendelline Foo Wedding decoration


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Special Thank you to Ian Hogg and Gwendelline Foo who already trusted us to be their decorator for their wedding moment, and especially Bali Aroma’s Villa in Batubelig seminyak, the place is so nice, concept is garden party

Wedding Table Plan – Top Tips For Wedding Table Plan Dilemmas

Getting your wedding table plan can be on the most difficult tasks you will have to face during your wedding planning, especially if your guest list is extensive. Knowing who to sit where and with whom can become one of the biggest headaches you will need to deal with since deciding on which dress was ‘the one’!

One of the biggest problems brides face is coping with guests who are divorced or separated, members of the wedding party who are married with children and guests whom you know will not get on! Faced with all of this you maybe forgiven wanting to simply run a lucky dip and have everyone pull a number out of hat to determine where they sit!

But before you turn to the lucky dip approach, a good first step with your table plan would be to dispense with the traditional top table. Many couples are not opting for a three table approach with each set of parents hosting a table and themselves hosting a table with the other members of the wedding party and their families.

Next you will need to think about your other tables. Find out who does not get on with who and any other situations you may want to avoid (divorces, separations etc). It is always advisable to mix your wedding guests up a bit on your plan so that not everyone on the table knows each other. That said though your guests should recognize at least one other person on their table. If you do decide to go with a top table, then you need to arrange your tables so that everyone can see the top table reasonably clearly.

It is traditional to alternate sexes around the table, seating everyone male, female, male, female and so on. Always match the generations, so sit your oldest guests together and do keep couples together and children with their parents, unless they agree to a separate table for all the children to sit at.

A final point is to consider putting people with similar interests, personalities etc together. For instance, if you have guests in same or similar professions put them together, or those that share a common hobby or sporting interest.

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Wedding Reception Flowers – 7 Wedding Flowers Ideas For Your Reception

Time was your wedding reception flowers would be a couple of large arrangements and some centrepieces placed on tables. These days however brides are becoming more creative with their use of flowers within reception venues and their ideas go a long way towards making a wedding more unique and personal.

If you are stuck for inspiration then here are seven ideas to help you make the most of your wedding flowers:

1. Be Focal: try to create a focal point with your flowers and avoid lots of small arrangements. Instead order larger displays, particularly as they will look amazing in your photographs. Have some ‘statement’ flowers on your cake and guestbook tables or ask your bridesmaids to place their bouquets on these tables when you arrive.

2. Petal Power: lots of flowers may create an amazing look but can be overkill on the floral front as well as being prohibitively expensive. A cheaper alternative is to go for petals instead and use these to ‘dress up’ a more simple centrepiece. If your budget is really tight then use pillar candles in the center of your tables and scatter some rose petals around them, the cost is minimal but the look is beautiful.

3. Stay Simple: sometimes features within a room or decorative objects you want to use can be dressed with simple floral flourishes. Wreath’s have become a popular decorative addition to reception and ceremony venues but can cost a fortune when adorned with flowers, a cheaper alternative is to use flowers sparingly but in small clusters for more impact. Tiny pomanders look amazing hanging from candelabra’s or arranged on decorative plates with candles or wedding favors.

4. Vintage Chic: for a budget friendly reception theme choose vintage everytime. Not only does this give you lots of scope for the look of your day, but vintage objects can include everything from crystal plates to rusty buckets! Collecting things like cake stands, teapots and pretty cups is a cost effective way of providing interesting vessels for your flowers especially as vintage vessels like these allow for the use of fewer flowers. And you can always sell them on to another vintage loving bride afterwards!

5. Height Awareness: the taller the arrangement the more it will cost so either opt for low table centrepieces or mix two different heights across your tables to vary the look and to add a bit of drama.

6. Style Mix: consider mixing up the styles of your flower arrangements, for instance, choose a large arrangement to create a focal point for the reception room, then have some tall arrangements to add wow-factor as centrepieces on half the tables and then use low arrangements on your remaining tables which your guests can take home with them.

7. Floating Flowers: flower heads floating in glass bowls creates a wonderfully enchanting look and is probably the cheapest option when it comes to wedding flowers. Carnations are a cheap choice, whilst larger blooms like peonies or tea roses create a romantic scene. If your venue has a water feature outdoors ask if you can float some flowers on it as well particularly if you will have photographs taken beside it.

Flowers For Weddings – Budget Saving Tips For Wedding Flowers

If you need to save money somewhere on your wedding budget then your flowers are one area where you can look to save without having to comprise too much. A wedding without flowers would not seem right but it is important to not get carried away and order every arrangement a florist puts your way! Here are some budget busting tips when it comes to flowers for weddings which should help you save not spend!

1. Be Upfront: do tell your florist from the outset how much you have to spend otherwise you could waste a lot of time discussing arrangements you simply cannot afford. Many florists do find a small budget an inspiration to work with and you may be surprised by just how much you can achieve for very little money.

2. Be Budget Savvy: it would be nice to think you could spend whatever your heart desires on flowers, but the truth is most weddings will need to work to a strict budget. Because you will need to order several different types of arrangement it is sensible to split your flowers budget down, for instance, 60% for your centrepieces, 25% for bouquets and buttonholes and 15% for everything else.

3. Photogenic: once you have these stunning arrangements it would be nice to have them feature in your wedding photographs so work with your photographer and choose those areas of your venue where you will have pictures taken, then have your flowers set up in these areas.

4. Seasonal Savings: the best value flowers are those which are in season at the time of your wedding. If flowers have to be imported for weddings they can become more expensive, especially the more exotic varieties. Seasonal flowers will also have stronger colors and scents as well as lasting better throughout the entire day. And if they are locally grown, they will be environmentally friendly too!

5. Be Flexible: if you stay flexible on the varieties you want you may find you can achieve bigger arrangements with pricier varieties because they are what is available at the flower markets in the week running up to your wedding day.

6. Be Colorwise: using fewer colors in your choice of flowers will not only give you a more unified look to your arrangements, it will be cheaper on your budget too as you will not need to use more flower varities or colors to get the look you want.

7. Beware Hidden Costs: always find out upfront how much your wedding flowers will cost including hidden costs like taxes, delivery charges, set-up and hire fees.