Loreal Gala Dinner by Destination Asia at Hu’u Bar

Special thanks to Destination Asia DMC’s that already trust us as their decorator during the Loreal Gala Dinner at Hu’u Bar on last 15th June 2012

Here is the picture:



– Type of tent :
a. Sarnaville
b. Standard tent
c. Rodder Tent
d. Pentagram Tent
e. Canvas
f. Canvas plastic
g. Aladdin Tent

– Type of Chair
a. Single Chair
b. Sofa chair
c. Garden antique chair (french style)
d. Banquet chair
e. Synthetic chair
f. stools

– Type of Table :
a. Round Table
b. Square Table
c. bar stool
d. coctail table

– Type of lamp

a. Chinese Lantern
b. Antique Lamp
c. Bird cage lamp
d. Snake lamp
d. Rain drop lamp
e. Fresnel
f. LED light
g. Parcan
h. Hallogen

– Type of Gazebo:
a. Pentagram
b. wood style
c. standard
f. Steel antique

Wedding equipment :
– Hanging flower
– flower stick
– bouquet stick
– Wedding arc
– Wedding Gate
– Candle stick