The Vineyard and The Blue Ocean 5th Oct 2012

Based on the movie story “The Agora” it is talking about the ancient Greek times with the ocean view and the vine yard.

This wedding is held on the Semara Villa “Tamarama” at Uluwatu by Chrisie & Alan, they are from Hong Kong came to Bali because of the scenic and the moment.

We spent a day to create this concept to be unforgettable moment, combination between blue of the ocean with the extraordinary scenic cliff during sunset, when we talking about grand dinner, our concept is the table runner is Tiffany blue combination with Long royal white table and Tiffany chairs and Tiffany sash, the centerpieces we used Tall centerpieces with Greek shape, inside we put a little bit green and the color is bi-color and pastel with a cool water purple rose, sweet pink rose, and white avalanche rose, peach avalanche, chrysantemum, hydragea blue, hot pink gerbera and small centerpieces

Here is the picture:

Courtesy by : chrisie & alan wedding
Decorator & Props : owned by Dekor Indonesia
Florist Design : Etsuko Kajimoto Rusli

[PROMOTION & NEWS] Alumnus of University promo

Dear Value Customers..

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Good News for you all especially ONLY FOR The ALUMNUS or Student of Univ Pelita Harapan and Tourism Academy of Pelita Harapan, Univ of Bina Nusantara, Institute of Art Jakarta (IKJ), Tourism Academy of AMTA ,Jogjakarta who want to be married in Bali,

You may get Discount Up to 35% off

For both of our Wedding Planner or Decorator ( Florist, rental / supplies)

besides of that, you may used your BCA credit card also for 6 until 12x installment

These Promotion is starting from May – Nov 2012

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Wedding Denis & Rini Villa Latitude 21 April 2012

Although the confirmation is very last minute, but we as Decorator and Rental company still can fulfill our job as Decorator & Florist.

Special thanks to our Florist Ms. Etsuko Kajimoto Rusli and all the crew to helping this project well done.

Congratulation to Denis & Rini as a new couple of the month in April 2012, hope both of you will live in the eternal love and happily and ever after.

and the wedding it self is very success totally handle by Mag9 Events

Here is the pictures

any inquiries…

Dear Lovers,

Due to our hectic schedules, we are very sorry for not having the opportunity to update this blog. However, we actually do have many new glass vases models. If you are interested, please do email us and we will send you the list by email.

Thanks for your kind attention.

Looking forward to receiving your emails:)

Have a great day.

Tent & Set up in Villa Latitude, Ungasan Bali


Special thank you again to the Bali Catering Company who already trust us to support their events, below is the picture during setup All picture courtesy by Bali Global Wedding and Bali Catering Company

EMVEE Magazine 1st Anniversary 2011 at Central Parkir

EMVEE Magazine one of the most hips local based magazine in Bali. the Magazine it self is already distribute to the 8 cities in Indonesia and produced in Bali.

Thank you especially for EMVEE Magazine already trust us starting from the set up preparation until finish

here is the picture courtesy from EMVEE MAGAZINE 1st Anniversary events:

Once again..Congratulation for you EMVEE Magazine..hope you have an eternal existing

Flower Meaning

Acacia: Friendship
Agapanthus: Secret Love
Alstroemeria: Devotion
Amaryllis: Pride, Timidity, Splendid Beauty
Anemone: Expectations
Aster: Elegance and Love
Azalea: First Love, Temperance
Baby’s Breath: Innocence
Bachelor Button: Hope
Begonia: A fanciful nature
Bells of Ireland: Good Luck
Bouvardia: Enthusiasm
Buttercup: Childishness

Calla Lily: Magnificent Beauty
Camellia-red: Unpretending excellence
Camellia-white: Perfected loveliness
Carnation-red: Alas poor heart
Carnation-pink: I’ll never forget you
Carnation-purple: Capriciousness
Carnation-stripped: Sorry I can’t be with you
Carnation-white: Innocence
Carnation-yellow: Disdain
Chrysanthemum-red: Love
Chrysanthemum-white: Truth
Chrysanthemum-yellow: Slighted love
Crocus:Youthful gladness

Daffodil: Regard, You are the only one
Dahlia: Dignity and Elegance
Daisy: Gentleness, Innocence, Loyalty and Romance
Dandelion: Rustic Oracle
Delphinium: Flights of Fancy, Ardent Attachment

Fern: Fascination
Forget Me Not: Faithful Love, Undying Hope, Memory, Do Not Forget
Freesia: Innocence

Galax: Encouragement
Gardenia: Purity and Sweet Love
Gladiolus: Strength of character

Heather: Admiration and Beauty
Delicate Beauty
Playful Joy

Iris: Faith, Wisdom, Valor and Promise
Wedded Love, Fidelity, Friendship and Affection

Jasmine: Amiability
Affection Returned

Larkspur: An open Heart
Lavender: Loyalty
Lemon Leaves: Everlasting Love
Lilac-purple: First Emotion of Love
Lilac-white: Youthful innocence
Lily-orange: Wealth
Lily-white: Sweetness
Lily-yellow: Gaiety, walking on air
Lily of the Valley: Humility, Sweetness, Return of Happiness
Lotus Flower:Estranged love

Magnolia: Love of Nature
Marigold: Grief
Morning Glory: Affection
Mum: Hope
Myrtle:Home, love

Narcissus: Egotism

Orange Blossom: Innocence, Eternal Love, Marriage and Fruitfulness
Orchid: Love, Beauty and Magnificence
Pansy: Thoughtful Reflection

Peony: Happy Marriage and Prosperity
Primrose: Young Love

Ranunculus: Radiant, Charming
Rose, Pink: Perfect Happiness
Rose, White: Charm and Innocence
Rose, Red: Love and Desire 
Rose-single red: I Love You
Rose-Burgundy: Unconscious love
Rose, white and red: Unity
Rose, Orange: Passion
Rose, Yellow: Joy and Gladness
Rosebud: Beauty and youth
Rosemary: Remembrance

Snapdragon: Presumption
Solidago: Success
Star of Bethlehem: Purity
Statice: Remembrance
Stephanotis: Marital Happiness
Stock: Lasting Beauty
Sunflowers: Pride
Sweet Pea:Blissful Pleasure

Tiger Lily: Prosperity
Tuberose: Dangerous Pleasure
Tulip: Love and Passion
Tulip-red: Declaration of love

Violet: Faithfulness

Wax Flower: Riches
Wisteria: Welcome

Yarrow: Healing

Andreanna & Eddie Leung Wedding 17th Sept 2011

Special thanks to Andreanna & Eddie Leung who already trust us to assist your wedding, starting from planning, decoration and arrangement.

It’s not only us, but Jonquilla – Party Decoration from Jakarta also participated on this events, superb’s this is what we can say to them, the design and decoration is totally by them, we just small part hehehe

Andreana & Eddie Leung wedding it self is already done on last June at St.Francisco, US then continue to Bali and made a re commitment again on 17th Sept 2011 at Grand Hyatt Hotel Bali, Mag Events also on FIRE…good and they are very helpful…what we can say..they are perfect wedding planner and event planners…thanks to the boss also

here is some picture from us, please enjoy it…

once again  Congrats to you Andreanna & Eddie..wish you all the best until the death separate you…

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