White Party Keith Surohardjo & Leigh at The Khayangan Estate

The couple Keith Surohardjo and Leigh is an Australian, they come to Bali for the married because of the Father Joni Surohardjo is a Balinese mix Javanese.

First contact by Mr. Joni, 3 months ago, he said that soon his daughter will be married in Bali, but he confused to find who is the best decorator and florist with a reasonable priced in Bali, after he search and browsed via google and get some recommendation, then he start to contact us and discuss everything, because we have several experience in Khayangan estate, so easy for us to describe what his daughter needs.

Basically the concept is simple and pure white, Keisha loves roses very much and she want to create one of the unforgettable moment during the married. They got it, all the guest was surprised and look feel very pure and nice moment.

All properties is set up by Dekor Indonesia, one of the Florist House, interior and exterior for any occasion in Bali, start from sofa, table, flower arrangement, lighting set up, dance floor, dinner table, the tiffany chairs

Thank you again to Mr. Joni Surohardjo, Keisha Surohardjo & Leigh

Safety During Setup


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As a vendor and tent suppliers, of course our biggest challenge is an accident during setup, many accident will be happening especially during set up our tent, lamp, lantern, and nobody’s want that happen. Safety procedures during installation and setup is one … Continue reading

Hexagon / Pentagon Tent

Hexagon with 10′ x 20′ Frame Tents

A beautiful combination for a party by adding extra space for the caterers, head table or stage for a band.

35′ x 40′ Hexagon Frame Tent
The 35′ x 40′ Hexagon Tent is ideal for weddings or dinner parties ranging
from 50 to 100 people for a formal sit down dinner.  It is also part of the modular system as shown with the addition of window walls.
35′ x 40′ Hexagon plus two 20′ x 20′ and a 10′ x 20′ Frame Tents
(An irregular shaped area was efficiently used using Signature Party Services modular tent installation).

A multi Tent installation for a formal party held at an equestrian centre.

Hexagon Tent   35′ x 40′