Credit from Weddingku Magazine

Special thanks to Weddingku Magazine that already give us a credit for Ruben and Sarwendah wedding. As you know we are the main decorator for these great wedding ” Ruben & Wenda” at Taman Bhagawan

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Valentine & timon wedding 05.05.2013

Congratulation for your Valentina and also Timon, these couple is a cute and gorgeous couple, they meet in Jakarta, Valentina is Indonesian and Timon is from Netherland as an expatriate working in Jakarta

Concept Style :White Vintage simple Chic with Love table and festoon lights also floating table, these event is organized by Mag9 Communique our parents company with 60 guest, seating style square table each 8 person

Thank you Valentina & Timon..again congrats to both of you, May God Bless you always happily and ever after

Please check the whole picture

Minimalist Wedding Package – Get Promo 35% Discount

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Venue Decoration (FULL DECORATION):
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Package inclusive:
– Centerpieces standard low base, size 35cm – 10 units : flowers Holland Rose, hydragea, lili, orchid, gerbera, crysant, ivy, ruscus.
– Flower showers : 10 units
– Flowers Bouquet : Round / cascade type : flowers Rose, calal lily, ivy, baby breath, baby rose
– Bride’s maid Bouquet : 2 units
– Registration table – 1 units
– Bride’s & groom Table dinner
– Sweet heart corners decor – 1 sets : inclusive flowers, accesories, photo frame
– Lantern white : 30 units
– Fairy Lights : 15 units
– LED par lights for ambiance : 6 units
– LOVE registration table inclusive the ornaments
– Dance floor 3x3m

Flower Choices : roses, lily, garbera, orchid, crysants, and others

– Jungle , Arabian Night, White Glances, Tropical Jungle, Lady in Red, England Winchester, Tribal , Fusion ( Purple, Black), Vintage


Note :

– Prices Is Subject To change based on situation and condition without any priority
– Prices is inclusive man power
– Prices is inclusive Government Tax
– All Flower Decorations is mix Local and Imported Flowers
– Flower decoration based on the concept and colour choices by the brides and grooms

Terms & Conditions:

  • All rates and prices are valid ONLY for this event or group, for the time each period specified.
  • All meeting package and dinner as mentioned above will be paid by Dekor Indonesia, we will send you the pro-forma invoice. Rooms charges as mention above will be charge to Personal Account and guarantee by Guarantee Letter from Dekor Indonesia.
  • All rooms and incidental charges payment should be settled by cash or credit card prior to guest check out
  • The above rates offer are valid from Immediately events
  • Set up 1 days before
  • Dismantle at that night after event
  • These rates are valid for March – June 2013 only from the date of issue as indicated below. Kindly acknowledge your acceptance by signing and returning the original copy to us


The Organizers products especially for this event cannot be combined or joined with any product of any other company without the signed authorization of The Organizers Management/Directors. In any promotion, The Events can never be offered at a higher rate than their published rack rates.


Any inquiry for the extension of a contract must be submitted at least one week prior to the expiration date. The Organizers reserves all rights to terminate the agreement before the expiration date based on its professional consideration and discretion.

Cancellation Fee 
1. 7 days prior to arrival. 75%
2. 14 days prior to arrival. 50%
3. 21 days prior to arrival. 25%
A full cancellation fee will be applied for NO SHOW


Pertamina NSC award Gala dinner

Special thanks to Green Room Production to entrusted us to handle such a great events especially for Pertamina Nasional Sales Conference awards and Gala Dinner in Conrad Bali last two weeks ago

the concept is different with other normal Gala dinner with a formal round table, but we create with semi lounge with full of the Ottoman Sofa, bean bags, puff, and LED lights

one of the most special things is the 3D mapping, First time ever did in Conrad Bali especially the Infinity Chapel, and first time ever did in outside especially in Bali island

here is the full recorded of the events

The Video mapping :



The Pink Cinderella

From the story of Disney ” The Cinderella” this is the concept that we presents to my best friends Valentine Mutiara Aka Kookie & Bayu Jo wedding at the Uma Nina villa – Goa Gong Jimbaran Bali last Saturday on 20th Oct 2012

Kookie is already married in Germany last July 2012, and they celebrate once again in Bali with all their relative in Indonesia, cute and half Phillippino’s this is how I describe the bride, she is like a Cinderella and loves balloon very much

We create a real Cinderella Flower cart, the squirrel, except the glass shoes, mix between pink, fucia colour and light purple, for the centerpieces we try to made some effect like a crystal and pink mix with mason jars

here is the picture
Decorator & florist : Dekor Indonesia
Properties : Dekor Indonesia
Photo booth : Moments To Go

Courtesy by Valentine Mutiara Aka Kookie & Bayu Jo

The Vineyard and The Blue Ocean 5th Oct 2012

Based on the movie story “The Agora” it is talking about the ancient Greek times with the ocean view and the vine yard.

This wedding is held on the Semara Villa “Tamarama” at Uluwatu by Chrisie & Alan, they are from Hong Kong came to Bali because of the scenic and the moment.

We spent a day to create this concept to be unforgettable moment, combination between blue of the ocean with the extraordinary scenic cliff during sunset, when we talking about grand dinner, our concept is the table runner is Tiffany blue combination with Long royal white table and Tiffany chairs and Tiffany sash, the centerpieces we used Tall centerpieces with Greek shape, inside we put a little bit green and the color is bi-color and pastel with a cool water purple rose, sweet pink rose, and white avalanche rose, peach avalanche, chrysantemum, hydragea blue, hot pink gerbera and small centerpieces

Here is the picture:

Courtesy by : chrisie & alan wedding
Decorator & Props : owned by Dekor Indonesia
Florist Design : Etsuko Kajimoto Rusli

Scotland wedding

A truly Scottish wedding, the wedding between east met west, Maydream Plana is a pinoy and Craig is a Scottish they meet each other in Singapore and do the wedding at The Conrad, what a wonderful story, on Indonesian wise man said Acid on the mountain, salt at the sea, but in the end met together on the fry….the decoration is fully decorate by Dekorindo Bali,organized by Magnificentnine Bali, thanks all to the crew


Princess Wedding Package

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If you would like to change the flower colors in the package, please contact us via e-mail with your changes. Some colors are premium and may change package cost.

Main Flowers

50- Blooms Premium Roses White
10- Blooms Large Calla Lilies White
10- Blooms Mini Calla Lilies White
5- Blooms Hydrangea White
10- Stems Asiatic Lily White
10- Stems Star Of Bethlehem White
10- Stems Queens Anns Lace White
10- Stems Spray Roses White
10- Stems Gerbera Daisies White
5- Stems Daisies Poms White
10- Stems Alstromeria White


4- Bnch Lily Grass
2- Bnch Ming Fern
2- Bnch Bells Of Ireland
2- Bnch Ruscus Isreali
2- Bnch Plumosus
2- Bnch Leather Leaf

At DEKOR INDONESIA Distributors & clients we truly understand how important every order you place with us is and as such we always do our very best to ensure that you receive exactly what you have in mind. However there are times when Mother Nature does not cooperate and a substitution may be necessary to ensure timely delivery of your order.

If a substitution is required we will make every effort to contact you and inform you before delivery, However, in the course of packing your order, inspecting each flower and making sure all looks perfect this may not be possible and we may go ahead a with a substitution without notifying you in order to prevent any delays.

In the case of a substitution we guarantee to always substitute flower of equal or higher value and of same color ordered.

If you wish you can write a back up flower when placing your order in the shopping carts flower comment box to help guide us if a flower you have chosen is not available at time of shipping.

* Please keep in mind that someone must be present at delivery location to accept delivery, signature is required in most cases.

* DEKORINDO is truly committed to your total order satisfaction. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Product Care
(Important: Do not remove flowers from wrappers when you receive them; leave wrappers on the flowers especially roses until they are hydrated, especially for roses, remove wrappers within 48-hours or less)

1) Make sure your container is ready, it should be plastic or glass. Container should be clean of any type of dirt or bacteria, if not clean flower stems can get clogged and cause flower to wilt and die. It is best to wash containers with bleach to make sure they are clean. Fill container with clean (filtered) cool or lukewarm water.

2) Flower food packets are NOT included with the flowers, (visit our supply page for flower food and other items) these are the nutrients flowers need for proper hydration.

Prepare the solution as directed on the packet (easy steps). This will help the flowers hydrate better and last longer. (If you do not have flower food do not worry just do the following per 1/3 bucket of water, pour 1/3 can of soda * sprite / 7-up * and a cap full of household bleach. The soda is for the sugar which feeds the flowers and help them hydrate and the bleach will keep the water bacteria free)

3) Before placing them in water, cut the flower stems, removing half inch to one inch from the bottom of the stem, keeping in mind you will need to make a fresh cut later when making your arrangement, you must make sure ALL stems are cut, if for any reason a stem is not cut the flower will not hydrate and wilt.

4) Use a sharp knife that will not smash the stems. This enables your flowers to absorb water easily. (Please be careful with this step)

5) Remove leaves that will fall below the water line this will make your water last longer and keep it cleaner for flowers to hydrate better. Heat will reduce the longevity of fresh flowers, so be sure to place your container of flowers away from sources of heat, such as sunny windows, appliances or heating vents.

6) Keep the container filled with fresh clean water or the floral foam saturated, KEEP IN COOL A/C ROOM ALWAY FROM ANY DIRECT SUN OR HEAT.

7) If within 24 -hours of hydrating any flower seems like they are not drinking re-cut stem. Making sure it’s a clean sharp cut and make sure flower stem is open for hydrating. Every few days replenish preservative and re-cut the stems and enjoy your flowers. A finishing spray like Aquafinish is recommended to make flowers last longer. You can find supplies in our supply catalog


Color Angel, Tropic Night, Marysia, Essencia, Previa, Pistache, Tropical, Rosa
Stem Length 70-80 cm
Head Size / Qty Excellent
Diameter Head
Vase Life 4-5 days