Trend Alert! : Fantasies Wedding Decor by Dekor Indonesia for 2014


Having your childhood gone wild as a fantasies become true, or other animation in your wedding day. Dekor Indonesia ” A florist house & Rental party equipment ” are one of the biggest wedding trends of the year, which means cinderella cart, Alice in Wonderland mad tea party, bunnies and foxes are an obvious choice, but you don’t have to get married in the forest to find a reason to include animals in your own way. We rounded up the wildest Disney & Fantasies ideas we love, from horse topiary centerpieces (for the preppy, equestrian-loving couple), to dwarf ice sculptures and even fairy crackers for a carnival-inspired theme. Take a look!

For those kind of Decoration and wedding, feel free to contact us about the detail & price, and we guarantee you that your wedding day will become stunning with a reasonable price

Credit from Weddingku Magazine

Special thanks to Weddingku Magazine that already give us a credit for Ruben and Sarwendah wedding. As you know we are the main decorator for these great wedding ” Ruben & Wenda” at Taman Bhagawan

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4- Bnch Lily Grass
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2- Bnch Bells Of Ireland
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At DEKOR INDONESIA Distributors & clients we truly understand how important every order you place with us is and as such we always do our very best to ensure that you receive exactly what you have in mind. However there are times when Mother Nature does not cooperate and a substitution may be necessary to ensure timely delivery of your order.

If a substitution is required we will make every effort to contact you and inform you before delivery, However, in the course of packing your order, inspecting each flower and making sure all looks perfect this may not be possible and we may go ahead a with a substitution without notifying you in order to prevent any delays.

In the case of a substitution we guarantee to always substitute flower of equal or higher value and of same color ordered.

If you wish you can write a back up flower when placing your order in the shopping carts flower comment box to help guide us if a flower you have chosen is not available at time of shipping.

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Product Care
(Important: Do not remove flowers from wrappers when you receive them; leave wrappers on the flowers especially roses until they are hydrated, especially for roses, remove wrappers within 48-hours or less)

1) Make sure your container is ready, it should be plastic or glass. Container should be clean of any type of dirt or bacteria, if not clean flower stems can get clogged and cause flower to wilt and die. It is best to wash containers with bleach to make sure they are clean. Fill container with clean (filtered) cool or lukewarm water.

2) Flower food packets are NOT included with the flowers, (visit our supply page for flower food and other items) these are the nutrients flowers need for proper hydration.

Prepare the solution as directed on the packet (easy steps). This will help the flowers hydrate better and last longer. (If you do not have flower food do not worry just do the following per 1/3 bucket of water, pour 1/3 can of soda * sprite / 7-up * and a cap full of household bleach. The soda is for the sugar which feeds the flowers and help them hydrate and the bleach will keep the water bacteria free)

3) Before placing them in water, cut the flower stems, removing half inch to one inch from the bottom of the stem, keeping in mind you will need to make a fresh cut later when making your arrangement, you must make sure ALL stems are cut, if for any reason a stem is not cut the flower will not hydrate and wilt.

4) Use a sharp knife that will not smash the stems. This enables your flowers to absorb water easily. (Please be careful with this step)

5) Remove leaves that will fall below the water line this will make your water last longer and keep it cleaner for flowers to hydrate better. Heat will reduce the longevity of fresh flowers, so be sure to place your container of flowers away from sources of heat, such as sunny windows, appliances or heating vents.

6) Keep the container filled with fresh clean water or the floral foam saturated, KEEP IN COOL A/C ROOM ALWAY FROM ANY DIRECT SUN OR HEAT.

7) If within 24 -hours of hydrating any flower seems like they are not drinking re-cut stem. Making sure it’s a clean sharp cut and make sure flower stem is open for hydrating. Every few days replenish preservative and re-cut the stems and enjoy your flowers. A finishing spray like Aquafinish is recommended to make flowers last longer. You can find supplies in our supply catalog