Barrack tent / Stage tent / Pemiosan tent / Tenda Serok

Dekor Indonesia provide you a Barrack tent / Stage tent / Pemiosan tent / Tenda Serok, made by canvas with green color and the roof shape is like house roof, able for your VIP, opening ceremonies, wedding, cemetry. and able to joined one to the another tent. Compare to the Hall tent/ Rooder tent, this tent is far cheaper than those equipment, the different is, on the middle side, we will found a stick to hold the ceilling.

We provide you with a custom size with several choices:

– 3×3
– 5×5
– 6×4
– 8×5
– 10×10
– 20×20
– 40×40
– 10×15
– 20×10
– 60×60

The Tent also able to cover a stage and make a very nice cover and ceilling