Hexagon / Octagon Tent

Hexagon with 10′ x 20′ Frame Tents

A beautiful combination for a party by adding extra space for the caterers, head table or stage for a band.
35′ x 40′ Hexagon Frame Tent
The 35′ x 40′ Hexagon Tent is ideal for weddings or dinner parties ranging
from 50 to 100 people for a formal sit down dinner.  It is also part of the modular system as shown with the addition of window walls.
35′ x 40′ Hexagon plus two 20′ x 20′ and a 10′ x 20′ Frame Tents
(An irregular shaped area was efficiently used using Signature Party Services modular tent installation).

A multi Tent installation for a formal party held at an equestrian centre.

Hexagon Tent   35′ x 40′