Lighting & Effect Seft up

Dekor Indonesia also provide a nice lamp and lighting to support the event occasion such as wedding. our best seller of the light is Chinese lentern light.

We have a several choices for the lighting decoration as follows:

– Chinese lentern Light
Type of Chinese Lantern Light size : 30cm, 65cm, 75cm, 1m
Specification made by : Cloth with bamboo and Cloth with steel
Color available : Blue, red, yellow, white
Bulb : white / yellow

– Middle east style lantern
Type of the Middle east Lantern Light size: 20cm, 40cm, 65cm
Specification made by : cover by glass with stell as a frame
Color : custom with mix color

– Robe light
Simmilar with the snake light, the light is come out from pipe and very long

– Bird Cage Light
Made by the bird cage and inside we put a bulb light, the cage it self has 2 different colour white and yellow brown, size 20cm and 45cm

– Christmas light
Small and tiny light with one long robe, normally to create rain effect or wraping the trees