– Type of tent :
a. Sarnaville
b. Standard tent
c. Rodder Tent
d. Pentagram/Hexagon Tent
e. Canvas
f. Canvas plastic
g. Aladdin Tent

– Type of Chair
a. Single Chair
b. Sofa chair
c. Garden antique chair (french style)
d. Banquet chair
e. Synthetic chair
f. stools

– Type of Table :
a. Round Table
b. Square Table
c. bar stool
d. coctail table

– Type of lamp

a. Chinese Lantern
b. Antique Lamp
c. Bird cage lamp
d. Snake lamp
d. Rain drop lamp
e. Fresnel
f. LED light
g. Parcan
h. Hallogen

– Type of Gazebo:
a. Pentagram
b. wood style
c. standard
f. Steel antique

Wedding equipment :
– Hanging flower
– flower stick
– bouquet stick
– Wedding arc
– Wedding Gate
– Candle stick