A’la Carte Wedding Package

Flower & Decoration 2 sections:
Church / ALTAR Decoration:
PACKAGE RP. 8,500,000/m
– Virgin Road
– Altar Flower
– Pew Stands Flowers
– Door and Gate decorations
– Brides & Groom Car Decorations

Brides & Groom Flower Arrangement
– Bridesmaid Flowers Bouquets – 2 sets  Rp. 450,000 / pcs
– Brides Bouquets ( Import Flower)  Rp. 650,000/ pcs
– Groom Corsage  Rp. 50,000
– Head pieces for brides  Rp. 75,000 / pcs
– Boutonnière for Family – 15 pcs  Rp. 50,000 / pcs
– Flower shower  Rp. 50,000 / pcs
– Car Decoration  550,000 / car

• Backdrop Decoration by Stereo form size 3×4 sqm Rp. 8,000,000 / set
• Backdrop decoration by Plywood size 3×4 sqm Rp. 10,500,000,- / set
• Screen Cover – 3,500,000 / set
• Balinese wedding procession through the hotel grounds at Rp. 3,5000,000,- includes, Welcome
• Dance, Sedan Chairs, Balinese Bleganjur Orchestra (Total 80 persons)
• Traditional Balinese Wedding Costume Rp.3,500,000,- / pair (for 2 person) including make up
• Make up and hair do at Rp.1,500,000,- / person
• 2 Balinese Bridesmaids at Rp. 650,000,-
• Group Band at Rp.8,500,000,-
• Trio / quartet at Rp.2,500,000,-
• Keyboard + 1 singer for 3 hours at Rp.3,500,000,-
• Set up decoration at Rp.5,000,000,-
• 1 Hour Cocktail of Premium brands and Canapes at Rp. 150,000 / person
• Bottle of imported Champagne:
• Hardy s Grand Reserve Brut at Rp. 650,000,-
• Mumm Gordon Rouge at Rp.1,200,000,-
• 1 Tier Wedding Cake (M) at Rp.850,000,- (choices Cup cakes or Cakes)

Note :
– Prices Is Subject To change based on situation and condition without any priority
– Prices is inclusive man power
– Prices is inclusive Government Tax
– All Flower Decorations is mix Local and Imported Flowers
– Flower decoration based on the concept and colour choices by the brides and grooms

Terms & Conditions:

  • All rates and prices are valid ONLY for this event or group, for the time each period specified.
  • All meeting package and dinner as mentioned above will be paid by Dekor Indonesia, we will send you the pro-forma invoice. Rooms charges as mention above will be charge to Personal Account and guarantee by Guarantee Letter from Dekor Indonesia.
  • All rooms and incidental charges payment should be settled by cash or credit card prior to guest check out
  • The above rates offer are valid from Immediately events
  • Set up 1 days before
  • Dismantle at that night after event
  • These rates are valid for March – June 2013 only from the date of issue as indicated below. Kindly acknowledge your acceptance by signing and returning the original copy to us


The Organizers products especially for this event cannot be combined or joined with any product of any other company without the signed authorization of The Organizers Management/Directors. In any promotion, The Events can never be offered at a higher rate than their published rack rates.


Any inquiry for the extension of a contract must be submitted at least one week prior to the expiration date. The Organizers reserves all rights to terminate the agreement before the expiration date based on its professional consideration and discretion.

Cancellation Fee
1. 7 days prior to arrival. 75%
2. 14 days prior to arrival. 50%
3. 21 days prior to arrival. 25%
A full cancellation fee will be applied for NO SHOW