Sonia Salim &Harry Achmad wedding

The white middle east wedding combination with western style

We are quite surprise when we receive a confirmation wedding from the bride & groom which is only left 7 day’s before the wedding, after have a long distance discussion we knew that the venue is on The Khayangan Estate Villa, one of the most beautiful and natural hideout’s for the travelers and the date is very sacred date 11.11.11 ( 11 Nov 2011)

As decorator, we are never reject our guest, but we try to give a solution, and consultation, to assist their wedding and made their wedding that only once in the life time is happening.

The concept it self mix between middle east with modern Arabian style, and white as a based colour on the Akad Nikah Room ( The Ceremonies area), it is very unique wedding which is the bride’s need to be waiting on the bride’s room and the groom pick up the bride’s and together went into the ceremonies area, continuing to the reception dinner.

On the reception dinner Dekor Indonesia with the florist team lead by the Managing Director it self Mrs. Etsuko Kajimoto Rusli and the Operation Manager Felix Rusli hands on hand together with partner’s Mari san, we tried to made all the dream come trues with garden and natural concept under the transparent Rooder tent provided by Dekor Indonesia.

Again we gain the success and special thanks to Mari san (studio alami) also all the Dekor Indonesia crew and team and most special thanks is to Sonia Salim and Harry Achmad also the parents.

here is the pictures