Flowers Arrangement by Dekor Indonesia

Flowers have been used to represent emotions since the beginning of time.  In early Rome, Brides carried herbs under their veils to ensure fertility and fidelity and ward off evil spirits.  In ancient Greece, Ivy was uses as a sign of everlasting love.

Bridesmaid’s bouquets were originally made up of strong smelling herbs such as rosemary and garlic instead of flowers. 

Different customs have modified the use of flowers in weddings over the years.  In Louisiana, Jazz musicians lead a procession to the reception from the church followed by the bridesmaids twirling umbrellas decorated with flowers.  In England,  the wedding party and the village bride walked to the church together.  A young girl lead the procession scattering  blossoms along the road so the Brides path through life would always be happy and filled with flowers. 

With western style being a virtual melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, all of the above traditions can easily be incorporated into today’s romantic fairy tale weddings.

Cascading Bouquets

Originally referred to as Shower Bouquets,  these replace posies as the Bouquet of choice around 1910.  By 1920 this style became exaggerated, with larger and larger bouquets almost concealing the bride!  After reaching their peak in the 20’s and 30’s, shower bouquets all but disappeared by WWII.  So, what used to be referred to as the shower bouquet shrunk in size and became the teardrop, trail and cascade styles.  The cascade features a waterfall shaped dimensions, the width across the top not much more than the width below.  Giving the bouquet a more natural flowing look that the stiff point of the teardrop and a neater look than the trail.  Their long line can often be more flattering than the round shape of the posy and complement elaborate and vintage gowns beautifully.    

Dekor Indonesia team especially florist section do the great things, hands on hands with the designers they try to improve our collection and service to the clients.

Below is our new collection starting from hand bouquet, boutonniere and many more