Wedding Table Plan – Top Tips For Wedding Table Plan Dilemmas

Getting your wedding table plan can be on the most difficult tasks you will have to face during your wedding planning, especially if your guest list is extensive. Knowing who to sit where and with whom can become one of the biggest headaches you will need to deal with since deciding on which dress was ‘the one’!

One of the biggest problems brides face is coping with guests who are divorced or separated, members of the wedding party who are married with children and guests whom you know will not get on! Faced with all of this you maybe forgiven wanting to simply run a lucky dip and have everyone pull a number out of hat to determine where they sit!

But before you turn to the lucky dip approach, a good first step with your table plan would be to dispense with the traditional top table. Many couples are not opting for a three table approach with each set of parents hosting a table and themselves hosting a table with the other members of the wedding party and their families.

Next you will need to think about your other tables. Find out who does not get on with who and any other situations you may want to avoid (divorces, separations etc). It is always advisable to mix your wedding guests up a bit on your plan so that not everyone on the table knows each other. That said though your guests should recognize at least one other person on their table. If you do decide to go with a top table, then you need to arrange your tables so that everyone can see the top table reasonably clearly.

It is traditional to alternate sexes around the table, seating everyone male, female, male, female and so on. Always match the generations, so sit your oldest guests together and do keep couples together and children with their parents, unless they agree to a separate table for all the children to sit at.

A final point is to consider putting people with similar interests, personalities etc together. For instance, if you have guests in same or similar professions put them together, or those that share a common hobby or sporting interest.

by : gclatworthy,