Flowers For Weddings – Budget Saving Tips For Wedding Flowers

If you need to save money somewhere on your wedding budget then your flowers are one area where you can look to save without having to comprise too much. A wedding without flowers would not seem right but it is important to not get carried away and order every arrangement a florist puts your way! Here are some budget busting tips when it comes to flowers for weddings which should help you save not spend!

1. Be Upfront: do tell your florist from the outset how much you have to spend otherwise you could waste a lot of time discussing arrangements you simply cannot afford. Many florists do find a small budget an inspiration to work with and you may be surprised by just how much you can achieve for very little money.

2. Be Budget Savvy: it would be nice to think you could spend whatever your heart desires on flowers, but the truth is most weddings will need to work to a strict budget. Because you will need to order several different types of arrangement it is sensible to split your flowers budget down, for instance, 60% for your centrepieces, 25% for bouquets and buttonholes and 15% for everything else.

3. Photogenic: once you have these stunning arrangements it would be nice to have them feature in your wedding photographs so work with your photographer and choose those areas of your venue where you will have pictures taken, then have your flowers set up in these areas.

4. Seasonal Savings: the best value flowers are those which are in season at the time of your wedding. If flowers have to be imported for weddings they can become more expensive, especially the more exotic varieties. Seasonal flowers will also have stronger colors and scents as well as lasting better throughout the entire day. And if they are locally grown, they will be environmentally friendly too!

5. Be Flexible: if you stay flexible on the varieties you want you may find you can achieve bigger arrangements with pricier varieties because they are what is available at the flower markets in the week running up to your wedding day.

6. Be Colorwise: using fewer colors in your choice of flowers will not only give you a more unified look to your arrangements, it will be cheaper on your budget too as you will not need to use more flower varities or colors to get the look you want.

7. Beware Hidden Costs: always find out upfront how much your wedding flowers will cost including hidden costs like taxes, delivery charges, set-up and hire fees.